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Refined Rapeseed oil

We are a renowned exporter and supplier of vegetable cooking oil. We provide our customers with Premium Quality Refined Canola Cooking Oil. The oil that we offer is high in essential nutrients. To assure high quality, our Canola Cooking Oil is packaged in Premium Bottles, Pouches, and Containers. We offer Canola Oil in various quantities to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Canola Cooking Oil is manufactured and packed under strict sanitary conditions. Our Refined Canola Cooking Oil is 100% Pure with 0% Cholesterol, and the Quality is Clearly Visible in All Meals Prepared in It. We search the world for the highest quality canola seeds to manufacture healthy canola cooking oil that ensures the food always has a golden crisp appearance and savoring taste. Our Refined Canola Oil is widely known for its Durability and Quality

Crude Rapeseed oil

Physical and Chemical Analysis Values:

Transparency: Sediment and slight turbidity are allowed.
Smell and Taste: Smell is typical to rapeseed oil, without foreign odor, taste is not defined.
Acid Value, mg KOH / g: 6,0 maximum.
Peroxide Value, Mmol / kg: 10,0 maximum.
Moisture and Volatile Substances, %: 0,3 maximum.
Phosphorus Amount, mg / kg: 800 maximum.
StearoOleoLecithin, %: 2,0 maximum.
Erucic Acid, %: 5,0 maximum.
Flash Point, °С: 225 minimum.
Non-Fatty Impurities, %: 0,2 maximum.