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Welcome to FG Thai


Telling the truth, keeping our word, and treating others fairly and respectfully are all examples of integrity. One of our most prized assets is our integrity. It must not be jeopardized.


Quality includes the sale and support of products and services that satisfy consumers, the establishment of a work environment, and the delivery of financial results that match investor expectations.


Commitment is essential, as we will always deliver the best to our clients and investors. Our ability to serve should be regarded as a privilege that should not be taken for granted.


Innovating implies creating, producing, and developing goods and services that have a high market appeal and increase consumer preference for FG Thailand's initiative.

Our Products

As a member of the CP group of businesses, FG Thailand is one of the world’s major edible oils and fats producers, with 10 manufacturing facilities (including 5 refineries, 3 packing plants, 1 sugar producing plant and 1 packaging processing plant).

About Us

Manufacturer of oils
and fats

FG Thailand’s long-standing reputation originates from our 14-year history, which began in 2008. We take pleasure in being a trustworthy and trusted business partner due to our significant expertise in oil refining, oil packing, can manufacture, sugar production, logistics, storage, and distribution.

14+ Years

of history and tradition


Countries we are selling to


Manufacturing facilities under CP Group


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